Community Life

Community Life

Community life is a vital and vibrant part of the Proságo program. Within the program participants will learn to live with one another, develop healthy and deep relationships, deal with conflict, care for one another, and challenge each other. 

Proságo is intentionally designed to facilitate a strong Christian community where real life is lived together. It provides many opportunities to learn from one another and grow from that interaction. The friendships created in Proságo are made out of the stuff that can last a lifetime and the lessons learned will serve participants well as they enter other communities.

I love watching our community grow together through everyday experiences." - Sandy Town (2006-2007)


Community Information

The main facility used is the Homestead, which has a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and accommodates 6 people. Other participants will be sharing rooms, which have a bathroom, shower, and a set of bunk beds.

Each participant will be sharing a room with at least one other person and will be expected to fully participate in the duties of house cleaning, menu selection and meal preparation.

Married couples
We welcome participants who are married and both of whom would like to participate in the program. Married students will have a private room but will share the kitchen and living facilities with the rest of the participants.


Proságo   participants have free access to our on site laundry facility.


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