Our desire within the Proságo program is to provide excellent leadership resources and training along with multiple opportunities to utilize them. One of the key ways we do this is with our session times. The sessions in the Proságo program fall under two categories: symposiums and workshops.


A symposium can be defined as a meeting or conference for discussion of a topic and it was also described in ancient Greek times as a meeting for drink, music, and intellectual discussion. We like this description. Our desire with out symposium times is to have interactive and lively discussions about leadership while sitting around a table possibly with a coffee in hand. Some symposiums will be ed by participants, some by guest speakers and many by Medeba and
Proságo   staff.

Each session takes on its own flavor, some will be active, many will be discussion based, some will involve working in smaller groups and some will be presentation based.  Our hope is that participants walk away form each time with more tools and knowledge to understand leadership and how they can better walk out principles being taught in their leadership lives.

Symposiums fall under four broad categories:
  1. Discerning - Continually using critical thinking that is focused on deciding what to do or believe.
  2. Guiding - Continually implementing decisions by stewarding resources into a critical path toward a goal.
  3. Communicating - Continually connecting with others through the interchange of verbal and non-verbal messages.
  4. Empowering - Continually enabling others to perform actions toward a goal.

We recognize that while leadership is a big topic and there is no fool proof formula to teach it, to approach the topic it has to be broken down in some form in order to begin understanding the complexities. These categories are the main focus areas we use to begin the leadership discussion and we believe strongly that in seeking to understand them much can be learned about leadership and its intracasies.


Workshops are session designed to integrate the skills and knowledge that participants are learning in practical ways. Workshops may include group work times, community projects, debates, adventure skill development and more.


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