What to Know Before You Apply

Come for a visit

We want to ensure that those considering applying for the Proságo program make a well informed and wise choice. The ideal way for this to happen is to actually visit us and interact with current participants and staff. They are most informed as to the value of the program and are its best promoters. If it is not possible to make a visit to the site then we are more than happy to interact through phone or e-mail conversations.

Pre-requisites for Proságo

Proságo participants and their relationship with God

Participants are to be known for their love of God, His Church and fellow man with a servant attitude of putting others first. They are expected to reflect the standards of the Word of God and be spending time daily investing in that relationship.

Applying is a 3 step process

1. Complete the application information and essay questions and submit them by e-mail to

2. Contact your references and have them complete and submit the appropriate reference questions and submit them by e-mail to

3. Upon receiving your application and all three references we will contact you for an interview


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