$11,999 + applicable taxes (2022-23 prices)

This cost includes room & board and tuition

(This cost can be reduced to significantly by participation in Medeba's Campus Work Program and by
working the following summer in Medeba's summer camp program. Check the examples below)

Payment Schedule
    $2,500            Deposit due following acceptance (Non-Refundable)
    $4,500            1st semester payment due August 26th
    $2,500            2nd semester payment due January 7th
    $2,499            3rd semester payment Due March 31st.

Notes:       *If all payments are made on schedule you will qualify for a    
                  $500 discount
                 *If a longer payment period is needed, please enquire about our
                   interest free payment plans
                 *Taxes will be applied to each amount

On Campus Work Program 

Medeba has provided an additional opportunity to reduce program fees. Medeba is a multi-functional facility and on weekends the site hosts rental groups. Group rentals provide potential work opportunities facilitating programs as well as cleaning and organizing the site upon their departure. Medeba has created an on campus work program where Proságo students can be hired to perform these roles.

This work is viewed as a part-time job a student would have in a university or college context. They are duties performed outside of the Proságo program and are organized by the appropriate Medeba staff.

Proságo participants will have the opportunity to choose to participate in the on campus work program at the beginning of each semester. Participants who participate in the on campus work program for all three semesters can potentially earn up to $2,000.

Medeba summer program

Additionally Proságo participants training gives  them an excellent opportunity to qualify for one of the skill positions Medeba hires for in their  summer program. This provides another  excellent avenue to earn money. Completing a summer staff contract with Medeba will potentially further earn $1500+.


Limited scholarships available based on financial need. Contact the Proságo Director for information.


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