Frequently Asked Questions

What type of visa do I need to get if I live out of Canada?  

Successful applicants need to apply for a Canadian Study Visa. Applications are available online at the Canada Immigration website.

How much outdoor gear will I need to purchase?

  Our goal is to have participants make investments of clothing and gear that makes sense  
  for the long term not just while at Medeba. Participants are expected to arrive with a
  climbing harness, climbing helmet and appropriate outdoor

Where  should I buy my gear?

We strongly recommend that you make your gear purchases at a reputable outdoor store that specializes in camping and climbing.

Do I need to purchase any books?

Medeba has a selection of all of the books that we use in our courses, however you may purchase books if you wish your own copy.

What is the approximate payment schedule?

Payment 1 - Non-refundable deposit of 15% of the total fee due upon acceptance
Payment 2 - Approximately 35% of the total fee and is due upon arrival in August
Payment 3 - Approximately 25% of the total fee due at the beginning of Semester 2
Payment 4 - The balance of the fee is due by the end of Semester 3

How do I pay if I do not live in Canada?

Participants can pay on visa, or send a money order in Canadian funds.
American students can pay in American funds and Medeba will convert it and credit the difference.

How do I participate in the Fee Reduction Program?

 Canadian students and students with a valid Canadian Work Visa may apply for on-site jobs at Medeba. This could require you to put in a minimum of 2 evenings per week and 3 weekends per month.

Do we have Church services on site on Sundays?

Medeba does not have Church services on site but strongly encourage participants to attend one of our local community churches.

What do we mean by discipleship and mentoring?

  The Prosago program has two primary means of discipleship and mentoring: Personal 
  Accountability Partners and Leadership Partners . Participants will be asked to be involved
  in both of these relationships. Additionally, the nature of the program is such that
  numerous opportunities for informal conversations exist throughout the program

How is the semester divided?

Students spend their time in sessions, leadership journeys, and doing leadership practicum. Weekends are generally off excepting when the program is on a journey.

How much homework is given?

Due to the practical nature of our program we have little homework. However participants are expected to read 2-3 books per semester and prepare for teaching both to peers and to groups and schools. There are also a few short assignments given for each semester.

What do the participants do if there is no sessions or a group on site?

 Participants could be involved in skill practice, or various projects around the site

What are the accommodations like?

We have two accommodations. One is the Homestead which has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and common room. There are also dorm rooms located in the Chalet building.

Should I bring a car if i have one?

 Most participants prefer to have their own vehicle for visiting friends and traveling around Ontario.

What do we mean by certification?

 We offer Medeba certification which, when coupled with a written record of experience, is 
 valuable for people applying for jobs. Graduates have also found that they were able to
 progress quickly through a nationally recognized instructor certification program

What is the purpose of journeys and day trips?

They give the participants opportunity to plan and lead a major journeys and expand their experience in a skill area. They also serve to develop a closer community.

Should I visit the site?

Yes if it is possible. We find that one of the best ways for people to get to know the program and site is to visit and interact with current participants and staff.

Can I ask lots of questions before applying?

 Yes, those who have done lots of research into our program have had the most successful experiences.


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