History of Proságo

History of Proságo

The idea of founding an adventure leadership program came as a result of Michael Bryant, Steve Archibald and Bruce Dunning dreaming about how to use adventure to teach Christian leadership to young adults.

The program launched as LDP (Leadership Development Program in 1994 with four participants (two men and two women) and was designed as a 12-month program but it eventually evolved into a 10-month program for 12 participants. In 2009, the program transitioned from its previous name of LDP to Proságo. Our desire is to build on the legacy of our LDP past as we look forward to a future as  Proságo .

  Proságo (LDP) has purposefully chosen to maintain an intimate training atmosphere by limiting the numbers to a maximum of 12 people. It was created as a win-win venture to significantly impact emerging Christian leaders while maximizing the resources of Medeba.

Over the years Proságo (LDP) has developed an international flavor as participants have come from all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Germany, Colombia, the Netherlands, the United States and Provinces all across Canada. Another unique feature of the program has  been the consistent involvement of married couples over the years. Having a diverse representation of nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and experiences has added to the richness of the Proságo experience.

Michael Bryant served as the Director of  LDP from its inception in 1993 until 2008, assisted by Bruce Dunning and other Medeba staff members. Michael's skills, dedication, adventurousness and fun loving personality gave tremendous leadership to the program and helped lay a strong foundation. In 2008 Jodie Langemann, a graduate of the program from 1997 - 1998, joined the Proságo staff team. With a history of amazing leadership we look forward to many more years of impacting young Christian leaders by using the tools of adventure and community.



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