Leadership & Character Partners

Leadership & Character Partners

We very much believe that the program is a partnership with participants. In that belief we have placed within the structure of the program two significant partnerships which we believe will contribute significantly in making this year a life-changing experience. Each partnership plays a different but distinct role, one is a character accountability partner and the other a leadership partner.

Character Accountability Partners

We have a strong belief that our leadership is very much intrinsically linked to our character. In leadership, who we are internally is as integral as the leadership skills and abilities we possess. We ask that each participant choose a character accountability partner for the duration of the program who will act as accountability and a resource as they choose and live out personal goals they set out for themselves. Partners can be chosen from Medeba staff, other participants, or from outside the Medeba community as long as a consistent relationship can be developed.

Leadership Partners

Leadership partners are chosen for participants from within the Medeba staff. These partners will help participants develop and implement a leadership growth plan. This plan will serve as a backdrop for the participants as they identify and work on strengths and weaknesses within their leadership. These partners will have a very specific focus on leadership and how participants can grow and develop in this area of their life.

Leadership partners, Sarah Josephs and Bruce Dunning, discussing Sarah's leadership growth plan.



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