Schedule Overview

   The program generally begins in the last week of August and the first couple weeks focus on community and skill development. Following this there will be amazing opportunities to put newly developed skills into practice with a few weeks of leadership practicum when a variety of schools arrive to experience the wide range of activities that Medeba offers and to be trained by us! This time-frame has typically ended with a week-long climbing journey to Rattlesnake Point, a well-developed and challenging climbing venue in Southern Ontario.

Later in the fall more time will be spent in sessions 
and workshop to further continue explore leadership and develop leadership skills. These times are a unique balance between interactive teaching sessions, on-site adventure skill development, practical leadership assignments, and off-site adventure workshops. The semester generally ends in early December with a phenomenal canoe journey in the Florida Everglades.

Semester two kicks off with a whole new set of adventure activities to learn such as ice climbing, back country skiing and snowshoeing. This is followed by more opportunities to put these newly acquired skills into action with another period of leadership practicum. Mixed into all of this will be session times, on-site skill development and off-site adventure days. Mid semester will include a winter camping trip as well as an amazing ice climbing journey to the Adirondack mountains in New York State. The semester will end with a visionary leadership journey. This trip is a unique opportunity to connect with significant leaders in different fields in Southern Ontario.

The third semester begins with another amazing journey trip white water kayaking in North Carolina and hiking a section of the world famous Appalachian trail. This trip provides an opportunity to escape together to a warmer climate and develop adventure skills while the seasons are transitioning back in Canada. Upon returning to Ontario the semester will wind down with some final sessions and the last section of leadership practicum. The semester and the program will then conclude with one final celebratory journey in Ontario. This final journey is a great time to end well together with some more exploration, debriefing and closure of an amazing year together. Following the final trip a graduation celebration will be held to honor a year of adventure, growth, challenge, community and fun.

Weekly Overview

    Proságo is a very experiential and participant driven program and as such there is no typical week. That said there are some patterns that do remain fairly consistent every year to year.

Example 1
Monday & Tuesday  - A mixture of interactive teaching sessions, on-site workshops and off-site adventures.
Wednesday until Friday afternoon - Leadership practicum
Friday afternoon - Weekly LED (Leadership, Experience, Debrief) to provide opportunities for discussion and feedback from the week.

Example 2
Monday until Friday afternoon - A mixture of teaching sessions, on-site workshops and off-site adventure days.
Friday afternoon -
Weekly LED (Leadership, Experience, Debrief) to provide opportunities for discussion and feedback from the week.

Example 3
Leadership Journey - Well, that could mean anything from waking up early to paddle into a beautiful Florida Everglades sunrise, crawling out of bed in a mountain hut to throw some axes into an ice climbing route, rolling out of a tent to throw a kayak into the water.....yah, you get the point, awesome adventures with an amazing group of people.


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