Extensive Evaluation Tools – Proságo uses extensive evaluation tools which are used to provide inspiring feedback for participants after leadership assignments.


One on One Leadership Coach –  Each student will be assigned a leadership coach who will help their partner evaluate feedback received and develop a personalized leadership growth plan. Through the year students will meet with their leadership partner to evaluate, adjust and further refine their leadership growth plan.

20 Leadership Courses  –  Over the past three decades Proságo has developed a powerful leadership curriculum designed to teach the core competencies of leadership in understandable and engaging ways. Leadership courses in Proságo are designed to teach specific leadership lessons and an understanding of how faith informs the actions of Christian leaders.

Leader of the week   –  6 opportunities per student   –  Each week of the program is assigned to a student leader and an assistant leader. These leaders work together to implement the Proságo schedule for their assigned week and ensure that all the planned courses, trips and activities are implemented smoothly to maximize the learning for the rest of the participants. Leaders are responsible to plan any adventure trips in the schedule, run a 30 minute morning meeting, host and work with Medeba groups and be the stewards of the goals and objectives of the program.

Journey and Skills Trips   –   70 days of trips  –  Participants will go on ten once-in-a-lifetime multi-day adventure journeys. Each of these journeys are leadership assignments given to students who, with the help of an advisor, will design, plan and implement the journey for the rest of the participants. Journeys range from 3-16 days and take place in Ontario and the United States. Check out our Journeys page for more details on specific adventures. There are also many day trips to learn and experience adventure skills.

Lead Adventure Programs for Medeba Guests   –  45 days of Adventure Facilitation   –   Students will have the opportunity to lead many of the numerous activities Medeba has to offer. Throughout the program schools will come to Medeba for leadership, adventure and team building training. Using the soft and technical skills they have been developing, Proságo students will help design and implement programs to meet the needs of these schools.

Practical Work Experience –  25 Days   – This is specifically designated time when students are able to take the theoretical learning from Proságo and the skills they are developing and put them to use in meaningful situations. In addition to leading our adventure programs you will have opportunity to work alongside Medeba staff accomplishing a variety of other tasks around Medeba. We view the opportunity to work alongside of Medeba staff in the daily tasks and development of an organization to be invaluable leadership experience.

For nearly 30 years Proságo has been investing in emerging leaders by providing experienced mentors, meaningful leadership opportunities, dynamic sessions and once in lifetime adventure experiences. Explore today how Proságo can prepare you to maximize your potential.

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