A caring Christian environment where peers and mentors come alongside to offer connection, feedback & encouragement.

Come join us for a day to experience the program first hand, meet some of our participants and see our beautiful facilities in the Haliburton Highlands.


Community is an integral part of the Proságo culture and it creates the platform by which so many of the amazing lessons in Proságo are formed. In the Proságo community students will build strong connections to 10 -12 other individuals forming a cohesive group that will learn, grow, laugh and live together. Core to the Proságo community are the ideas of care, connectedness, accountability and feedback.

Students will develop a network of friends and mentors to encourage them on their leadership journey.


All students will live in comfortable dorm style accommodations with a roommate. Each room is furnished with beds, storage and its own sink, toilet and shower. Students also have access to multiple common areas to use for relaxation, playing games, having meetings or times of worship. These areas include access to ping pong tables, foosball tables, weight room, board games & large screen TV’s.


The community also has a dedicated kitchen outfitted with the equipment to prepare and serve food to the entire community. When Medeba has other groups on-site students will be invited to partake in meals provided by our food services staff in Medeba’s Dining Hall. When no groups are present students will work together to prepare and deliver meals for their community.

Special Dietary needs can be accommodated within the program depending on the need and our capacity to provide a quality experience through all aspects of the program. All special diets will be approved through Medeba’s food service professionals and Proságo staff.


One of the huge perks of being a participant in Proságo is access to Medeba's phenomenal site and activities. After some initial training students will have access to the Crag rock climbing gym, ice climbing walls, zip line and high ropes courses.

For nearly 30 years Proságo has been investing in emerging leaders by providing experienced mentors, meaningful leadership opportunities, dynamic sessions and once in lifetime adventure experiences. Explore today how Proságo can prepare you to maximize your potential.

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West Guildford, ON K0M 2S0