In a world with more questions than answers Proságo will help you develop the tools to find the answers you are looking for.

When emerging leaders are given guided leadership opportunities and inspiring feedback in a supportive environment they become equipped to confidently lead themselves and others.

We believe that leaders are defined by their character and their competencies. None of us are born with our character or competencies fully formed; both are qualities that we develop throughout our whole lives. Proságo accelerates growth in both of these areas to equip you to lead with confidence. Talk with us to see if you might be a great fit.
Proságo teaches an approach to leading that is focused on servant leadership. This is modeled after Jesus, who demonstrated what it looks like to lead in the service of God and others. Christian leadership is reflected in teaching by instructors and practiced by students leading daily prayer and devotional times.
Community is consistently a highlight for Proságo graduates. This is not because it is without challenge but because Proságo fosters a caring Christian community where you receive connection, feedback and encouragement for your leadership journey. Proságo staff and students will work together to shape a healthy community environment that connects with and cares for one another.
Outdoor experience and athletic skill is not a requirement for participation. Proságo adjusts adventure experiences to meet individual needs and create the right level of challenge to optimize growth in each student. All you need is an interest and willingness to be part of the adventure!
Proságo is the greatest investment you can make in your leadership development. The program is an exceptional Value: $20,000+ worth of adventure and leadership training for almost half that cost. The cost of Proságo includes tuition, 10 multi-day journeys, day trips, room & board. Refer to our Cost page for more financial details.
When emerging leaders are given guided leadership opportunities and inspiring feedback in a supportive environment they become equipped to confidently lead themselves and others. The leadership confidence gained in Proságo set Proságo graduates apart whether continuing on to more education or beginning their careers. Proságo invests in emerging leaders by providing experienced mentors, meaningful leadership opportunities, dynamic sessions and once in a lifetime adventure experiences over a 10-month period. No matter your previous leadership experience Proságo will help you to:


  1. Gain tools to set you apart as a leader
  2. Develop a team of friends and mentors who support you as a leader
  3. Practice in a safe environment to gain confidence as a leader.
Please contact us! We would be happy to connect you with graduates from similar backgrounds who can share from their experience.


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Many people ask about official outdoor certifications than can be gained through participation in Proságo. Medeba has extensive internal certification processes and the knowledge and experience gained through these certifications is extensive. Through much discussion we have chosen not to offer external certifications. The simple answer to this is that the amount of time and money associated with this route would necessitate the program costing significantly more and our ability to focus on teaching leadership would be limited. The outdoor experience gained through Proságo is very extensive and most often will exceed the experience gained in any other outside certification courses. Proságo have used the experience and certification from Proságo to challenge and obtain certification from other organizations.
Proságo assignments are strategically designed to grow your leadership abilities and provide tools that inspire confidence for your future leadership opportunities. Our assignments are not like those you would find in traditional educational institutions. We believe strongly in experiential education and in assignments that will have lasting impact on students and our assignments are structured this way. Please check out our Program Details page for more information.
Outside of personal clothing requirements Proságo will provide a majority of the equipment needed throughout the year. We have intentionally tried to limit required equipment to items that are likely to be used after Proságo. For a list of required and recommended personal equipment please see the linked document: Proságo Equipment List
We believe that an integral part of growing as a leader is developing a community of friends and mentors to support your leadership. Proságo accommodations are designed to foster community by providing:
  • Chalet/Dorm accommodations shared with a roommate
  • Communal kitchen, dining and living room
  • Quiet study lounge with access to computers Check out our Community Life page for more information
Proságo students will have the chance to lead and participate in 10 once in lifetime adventures (approximately 70 days). These journeys are specifically chosen to create unique leadership opportunities and growth experiences for participants. Check out our Journeys page for more information.
There are various breaks scheduled throughout the year. With a few exceptions Proságo does not run on weekends. Two four-day weekends are intentionally scheduled for Thanksgiving and the Victoria Day long. Two week breaks are scheduled for Christmas and at the end of the winter semester.
Proságo operates as a part of Medeba a non-denominational Christian organization. Medeba is incorporated and is managed by a directorial team and has a board for governance. In addition to Proságo, Medeba offers summer camp and guest group rental programs. More information on Medeba can be found at
We have an excellent history of accommodating various dietary concerns. We are pleased to explore options if you have any dietary restrictions. Please get in touch and share your specific concerns so we can begin the conversation.

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Proságo is a great fit for international students interested in growing as leaders. Over the three decades Proságo has existed 20% of our graduates have been international students. We have had graduates from Australia, Brazil, Columbia, England, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States. International students will require a work Visa or International Experience Visa to participate. We recommend beginning the Visa process as early as possible, please contact us if you need more information about this process.

For nearly 30 years Proságo has been investing in emerging leaders by providing experienced mentors, meaningful leadership opportunities, dynamic sessions and once in lifetime adventure experiences. Explore today how Proságo can prepare you to maximize your potential.

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